The Diaprices Diamond Blog

The DiaPrices Diamond Blog has insight and information about diamond jewelry and related subjects. Viewers are encouraged to ask questions which will be answered by chief blogger Sheetal Bamalwa, who has a decade of experience in the gems and jewelry industry.

Hand Fabrication

sheetal Friday January 6, 2017
Hand fabrication is an 'old school' way of creating jewelry. It is a product of time, patience and accumulated knowledge, making each piece irreplaceable. In a truly hand-fabricated item, every element is formed, assembled, joined and finished entirely by hand or with hand tools. Manufacturers often hand fabricate custom designed mountings for gems of non-standard shapes and sizes.

Why choose Platinum?

sheetal Tuesday January 3, 2017
Platinum does not lose its shine, color or change its shape even after several years of use, thus holding your stones securely in place. Platinum is hypoallergenic, making it the best choice for those with sensitive skin. Although tougher to fabricate than gold, its white sheen beautifully accentuates the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds and other gemstones making it a smart investment for jewelry.
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